The Humanity Hub Network


Our mission is to move humanity forward with for-profit solutions that allow us ALL to win as individuals, community, and planet. 


We envision a hub that connects individuals to communities to facilitate enjoyment of life, expression, and discovery which leads to growth and innovation, the legacy of humanity. 

2020 Overview | Starting with Arizona

Our initial products, the Local Food Box and Local Loot Box, work to solve problems of access to facilitate a regenerative local economy. It’s important to create a market-based for profit solution which helps make local communities more sustainable and resilient while cultivating meaningful connections to food and goods within the community.

What’s Next?

Near Future Plans

Starting in 2021

Continue to provide local boxes to Arizona

Adopt innovative methods for efficiency and sustainability. This helps the planet, the community, AND our bottom line

Facilitate community events, outreach programs, and programs for local business, food, and agricultural development in Arizona

Acquire a property to be able to serve the community with more products and programs

Extended Future Plans

Acquire large properties, such as department stores and malls that have become abandoned and an eyesore to communities and responsibly repurpose these large constructions to create the Humanity Hub, a vibrant community hub.

Expand to additional states so they can benefit from our products and programs

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