Who qualifies for free or discounted food boxes?

Who is eligible to receive free or discounted food boxes?

Eligibility will be self-identified, and is first come, first serve. The amount of these available will depend on funding and capacity. We will have a waitlist for those beyond our current capacity. Waitlisted individuals will become eligible as we increase funding and capacity. Another opportunity to receive a free food box subscription is to volunteer (delivery driving or work in a community garden nearby).

We are planning to accept EBT/ SNAP (Food Stamps). We will take advantage of the expedited approval process allowed during this time to help with food security as soon as possible.

Our recommendations for our free and discounted model:

To allow for free and discounted boxes to be available for those that are truly in need but have fallen through the cracks and are ineligible for benefits through programs like EBT/SNAP we recommend the following:

  • Those without food support through these programs are able to utilize these free and discounted boxes no questions asked. First Come, First Serve. We will have a waitlist so that as we scale up and get additional funding we can quickly offer additional free and discounted food boxes to those who have been waiting.
  • For EBT users that have the EBT funds available we recommend that they pay for a regular priced food box using their EBT card.
  • For EBT users that have scarce EBT funding for the amount of people they are actually feeding, we recommend that they pay for a discounted food box using their EBT card.

Can people with allergies enjoy the food box?

What steps will be taken to protect consumers from food allergies? Will there be warnings for potential food allergies?

Yes, we will communicate ingredients and potential allergens through our product descriptions and labeling. Our processes will allow allergy sensitive customers to easily navigate and enjoy items in the food box.


How will HHN ensure food quality and freshness?

What steps will be taken to ensure food quality and freshness?

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) so we can consistently keep foods fresh and temp controlled until you unpack your box at home.

We ensure quality by partnering with local entities that are also committed to quality, freshness, and sustainability.

This means that our cold items stay cold, especially during transit. You can read more about how to keep your food box fresh upon delivery. Follow our recommendations for freshness in the delivery schedule question, here.


How will HHN avoid cross-contamination?

How will HHN avoid cross-contamination, especially during covid-19?

Additional food items will be separately prepared, packaged, sealed, and labeled before going in the box so food items and ingredients do not cross contaminate.

During this time with Covid-19 we will be taking additional measures to be sure all items coming from all our vendors are clean before going in the box. As part of our CLEAN Promise, we will be wearing masks and utilizing UV wands as well as other methods to sanitize and stay healthly.


Are delivery drivers vetted?

Are background checks performed on delivery drivers?

Our goal is to partner with local courier companies for our doorstep delivery. Our partners will ensure the quality of delivery drivers and the safety of our customers.


What’s the delivery schedule?

Is there a delivery schedule for the food and loot boxes?

Yes, we will have set delivery days depending on your location in Arizona. Time of delivery will be an early morning delivery window, especially for food boxes. Loot boxes may utilize traditional shipping methods.

Tucson Local Food Box Delivery Info:

Monday Morning Delivery Window: 8am-12pm

Greater Tucson Area Coverage Map for included delivery:


How will HHN contribute to individual’s home gardens?

How will HHN help individuals start and maintain their food gardens?

Our customers (paid or otherwise) will be able to take advantage of discounts at local nurseries, and support from local programs and organizations like the Seed to Supper Course, Master Gardener’s program, and more, to get their home gardens started. The food box will help supplement those home grown fruits and veggies. PLUS the organic waste created by our boxes can then be composted either at home or in the community garden nearby or through a partner like Compost Cats here in Tucson at the U of A. We will also include educational materials in the box to help people get started.


How will HHN contribute to local gardens?

Will HHN contribute to existing food gardens, create their own for communities, or help maintain community gardens?

Yes, yes, and yes. Community gardens need funding and support, and in some communities, they don’t even have one yet! It is our goal to assist with starting, and maintaining as many community gardens as possible by including them in the Humanity Hub Network.


Return & Refund Policy

What is your return/exchange policy for food and products?

With COVID-19 there will be NO returns accepted at this time.

In rare cases there may be a need for a refund. Situations like this will be addressed case by case.


What’s in the Local Food Box?

HHN mentions food items from local restaurants, does this include non-produce items?

Items from local Arizona restaurants and food businesses may include prepared food items, frozen items, fresh items, and dry items that will be prepared, packaged, sealed, and labeled individually before going in the box.

Example Local Food Box 

(all locally made, of course!)

  • Fresh picked local produce (produce example from our pilot in October) from Pivot Produce
    • Tomato
    • Arugula
    • Butternut Squash
  • 1 Loaf of Fresh Baked Bread – Focaccia or Multigrain fresh from Beyond Bread
  • 3 Food Items
  • Dessert

This is an example of our classic Local Food Box available for preorder now