How will HHN avoid cross-contamination?

How will HHN avoid cross-contamination, especially during covid-19?

Additional food items will be separately prepared, packaged, sealed, and labeled before going in the box so food items and ingredients do not cross contaminate.

During this time with Covid-19 we will be taking additional measures to be sure all items coming from all our vendors are clean before going in the box. As part of our CLEAN Promise, we will be wearing masks and utilizing UV wands as well as other methods to sanitize and stay healthly.

Are delivery drivers vetted?

Are background checks performed on delivery drivers?

Our goal is to partner with local courier companies for our doorstep delivery. Our partners will ensure the quality of delivery drivers and the safety of our customers.

What’s the delivery schedule?

Is there a delivery schedule for the food and loot boxes?

Yes, we will have set delivery days depending on your location in Arizona. Time of delivery will be an early morning delivery window, especially for food boxes. Loot boxes may utilize traditional shipping methods.

If you are unable to receive your food box during the delivery time, we recommend placing a cooler on your doorstep or somewhere secure with delivery access to protect cold items, especially during the summer. Our delivery drivers will place cold and frozen items inside the cooler, cold bag, etc…

How will HHN contribute to individual’s home gardens?

How will HHN help individuals start and maintain their food gardens?

Our customers (paid or otherwise) will be able to take advantage of discounts at local nurseries, and support from local programs and organizations like the Seed to Supper Course, Master Gardener’s program, and more, to get their home gardens started. The food box will help supplement those home grown fruits and veggies. PLUS the organic waste created by our boxes can then be composted either at home or in the community garden nearby or through a partner like Compost Cats here in Tucson at the U of A. We will also include educational materials in the box to help people get started.

How will HHN contribute to local gardens?

Will HHN contribute to existing food gardens, create their own for communities, or help maintain community gardens?

Yes, yes, and yes. Community gardens need funding and support, and in some communities, they don’t even have one yet! It is our goal to assist with starting, and maintaining as many community gardens as possible by including them in the Humanity Hub Network.

Return & Refund Policy

What is your return/exchange policy for food and products?

With COVID-19 there will be NO returns accepted at this time.

In rare cases there may be a need for a refund. Situations like this will be addressed case by case.

What’s in the Local Food Box?

HHN mentions food items from local restaurants, does this include non-produce items?

Items from local Arizona restaurants and food businesses may include prepared food items, frozen items, and dry items that will be prepared, packaged, sealed, and labeled individually before going in the box.

Examples of individually pre-packaged food items may include:

  • fresh locally baked bread
  • salad mixes
  • sun dried tomatoes
  • granola
  • marinara sauce
  • locally made pasta
  • frozen items like locally made pizzas, tamales, and cheesecake
  • Dried soup mixes, seasonings, etc

How can service based businesses participate?

What about service based businesses that don’t have a product to go in the box?

We encourage service based industries to participate by including a coupon or gift card for your service. Initially this opportunity, along with being a product vendor, will only be extended to our strategic partners and aligned community organizations initially.  

What’s in the Local Loot Box?

What kinds of local items will be in the loot box?

Here are some examples of the types of items you might find in your loot box, each box will have a unique combination of local items:

  • Wallet/Money Clip made locally from upcycled materials
  • Cold Drink Cozy from a local maker
  • Locally made candle in upcycled candle holder
  • Handmade soap for your bathroom and kitchen soap too
  • Native seeds for your garden (pollinator and food plants)
  • Prints and Postcards by local artists
  • T-Shirt with design by local artists printed locally
  • Stickers from local artists, musicians, and nonprofits
  • Coloring book page designed by a local artist
  • BOGO coupon for a virtual painting class with a local art studio
  • A Flyer that promotes additional local online content like:
    • Music you can listen to by local musicians and bands
    • Blogs, vlogs, livestreams, or virtual classes
  • Coupon or Gift card to practical local businesses (example: coupon to a local mechanic for oil change)