Local Communities Should Be Thriving

Local economies and communities should be thriving. It’s clear there are proven ways for local ecosystems to work together to create more local revenue, more jobs, and a better quality of living. We have curated a few resources, articles, and videos to give you some background on these effective strategies and studies that have been done.

Over here at the Humanity Hub we get excited talking about regenerative or circular local economies with inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems that uplift distressed communities and bring food to food deserts!

Regenerative Economy & Inclusive Ecosystems

What is a Regenerative Economy?

Learn more here: https://www.sazgba.com/regenerative-economy

The world is poorly designed but copying nature helps

This video shows us how we have and continue to utilize the wisdom of nature for our own innovation.

Inclusivity Increases Productivity in Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

by Dell Gines on Medium.com

This article shows how we can all win together by increasing productivy, value, and abundance in our local communities.


Re-Thinking Progess: The Circular Economy

This video shows how a circular economy works.

The Distressed Communities Index & How Micro Businesses Can Help

Distressed Communities Index & Interactive Map

A New Measure of Digital Participation and Its Impact On Economic Opportunity

White paper by: Karen Mossberger, Arizona State University
Caroline Tolbert, University of Iowa
Scott LaCombe, University of Iowa


How micro-businesses have blunted the economic impact of COVID-19


Additional Studies of Arizona Opportunities for Healthy Communities Index


Food Deserts in Arizona

Food Deserts Interactive Map


Food Deserts, Food Hubs, and Farmers Markets in Arizona An Analysis of Proximity and Potential for Increasing Food Access


Arizona Food Systems Response to Covid -19