Starting with Arizona

Covid-19 uncovered our broken food systems and our fragile local economies. Local food producers and businesses are hurting because of limited access to the consumer during this time. Selling online can be a large hurdle to cross for those smaller operations. This motivated cofounders, Sara Patterson and Jesse Wayne, to build a business that would help local food producers, and local businesses stay open and even thrive in this unstable time.

The Humanity Hub Network, and it’s products the Local Food Box and Local Loot Box will include locally made goods, fresh local produce, rescued produce, as well as prepared packaged foods like entrees and desserts from local favorites delivered right to your door, starting in Phoenix and Tucson. Learn how you can win 2 weeks of local box delivery in Tucson.


For local food security

For local economic stability & resilience

For meaningful connection to community


Engineer an efficient and innovative local logistics and distribution network

Work with local businesses to fulfill our products and programs


Local Food Box

Providing locals with local food, with doorstep delivery

Fresh local produce, rescued produce, and prepared food items from local restaurants all in one subscription box!

Delivery or Pick-up (if outside of network) 

Community food gardens funded and further developed

Help individuals start and maintain their food gardens

Infographics for making and eating fresh foods

Local Loot Box

Providing locals with locally made items, with doorstep delivery

Subscription box of locally made gifts and practical items to open and enjoy at home

Handmade goods you can use or re-gift to friends and family for any occasion

Gift cards and coupons to use at local establishments

Curated goods as well as local content like stickers, jewelry, postcards, and more, highlighting local artists, makers, and nonprofits

During the COVID19 Pandemic and beyond, we promise to keep it C.L.E.A.N.

Initial Impact – Arizona 2020

Local communities should be thriving. This positive impact listed below will be accomplished with our three phase plan.

  • Increase food access and convenience so more locals purchase and enjoy fresh local food.
  • Increase food security by providing FREE and DISCOUNTED Food Boxes to those in need Also accept EBT
  • Recurring revenue to local vendors: local food and agricultural businesses, retail businesses, and local makers.
    • Plus contracts with local businesses and artists for our marketing initiatives.
    • Plus contracts with local businesses and warehouses for our innovative logistics and distribution network.
  • Positively impact community metrics
    • Such as, poverty, employment, food security, and more, ultimately impacting the Distressed Community Index.
    • Partner with local and national organizations for the largest positive impact on these metrics while contributing to a sustainable and resilient local economy, starting with Arizona.

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