Green Team

Winter Showers Help Prepare For Monsoon Storms

It’s important to manage the flow of water on-site to avoid flood damage to the land and building, plus harvesting that rainwater can decrease your water bill! Winter storms and showers help us prepare for monsoon downpours by tracking the flow of water and planning ahead at home and at the office.

Water Management and Harvesting has many benefits including:

  • Increase water availability for on-site vegetation,
  • Reduce on-site flooding and erosion,
  • Reduce water bills and groundwater pumping
  • Extend the life of landscaping (rainwater is usually low in salt content and relatively high in nitrogen).

It’s only takes 3 steps to get started

Humanity Hub Network Green Team tracking and measuring waterflow

Here are the three easy steps to manage waterways and harvest rainwater at home or in the office.

1 – Take a look

Track the water flow and puddles that appear after a winter storm or shower. First you need to know what you are working with. How does water flow in and out of your space? Where does water accumulate and become stagnant, causing puddles (or a small pond or lake) to appear after a good rainstorm.

2 – Find Creative Solutions

Identify ways you can achieve better waterflow away from buildings and ground absorption. A few solutions include planting trees and gardens, creating rainwater basins around trees, creating waterways for the water to flow toward plants and trees, removing weed control plastic or concrete for better ground absorption, and more! See how doing these things can save money on your water bill. There are so many water harvesting resources online and in the community, such as the City of Tucson Rainwater Harvesting Guidance Manual, and local businesses like EcoSense in Tucson, that provides rainwater harvesting services and landscaping.

3 – Implement Solutions

Take the time to implement a solution for your property’s waterflow management. Direct water away from buildings and walkways to mitigate damage or accidents and toward plants and trees. Oh and don’t forget to take a moment to celebrate. You did it! Progress should always be appreciated.

What’s next?

Repeat steps one through three throughout the year to maximize your results. Be sure to take a look during and after the severe storms we experience during monsoon season here in the Sonoran Desert . Take a look at the waterflow after a solution was implemented, find creative solutions to continue to help the water flow safely while sustaining your trees and gardens (and saving lots of money on your water bill)!