Take the Pledge

You are the local magic

Welcome and THANK YOU for being here! So far this movement has been growing because of people like you. You’re reading this because you’re a local creator that shows up! Thank you for being you!

We are so excited to extend this opportunity for your local business to be included in our local subscription boxes.

We are so excited to share our growing list of local partners and vendors!

Joining the Hub

Joining the Humanity Hub Network (HHN) signals that you want meaningful connection to the consumers in your community. You have something to offer (a product, a service, or a space) to contribute to our innovative network and local box efforts. While you bring your unique contribution to the Humanity Hub Network, you also strive to utilize local and sustainable practices in your operations.

The Humanity Hub Pledge

I take the pledge to join the Humanity Hub Network and would like to contribute to the network and box(es). I will actively try to utilize local and sustainable practices in my operations so that I can create win-win-win scenarios for myself, the community, and the planet.


What’s the whole process?

1. Take the Pledge

By clicking the link it will create an email to send us which serves as your pledge to join the Humanity Hub Network.

2. Join Humanity Hub Network

After we receive your pledge, you’ll be accepted to the Humanity Hub Network!

3. Make it official

You’ll be contacted by our CEO, Sara, or our Sales Manager. You’ll have the opportunity to formalize your relationship with HHN and we can talk specific contract details at that time.