We are Green and Sustainable

We are proud to be green, always striving for sustainable solutions that are good for the people, their communities, and our planet.

What does it really mean to be sustainable and “Green”?

It means creating something that can keep going, something that will last into the future. Here’s a metaphor: it’s like going on a road trip and never filling up on gas. You won’t get very far because that’s not sustainable, one tank of gas won’t sustain your long trip without replenishing it. Similarly, you can’t expect to go far without a plan to replenish and sustain the planet. The planet has a limited set of resources. When we talk about being green or eco-friendly that means being a friend to the ecosystems that allow us to live here. The green movement is named after the green plants that give us oxygen to breathe on this lovely planet we call home. Those green plants that have given us the very air we breathe need protecting because we keep taking without replenishing.

So how exactly are we green and sustainable?

Here’s 10 ways we’re helping to save the planet:

  1. We are LOCAL
    • We are local and we source locally in every way we can! We buy from real local people like farmers, chefs, business owners, makers and artists who keep those dollars circulating within the community. By getting products from next door instead of over-seas we’re leaving a much smaller carbon footprint. Purchasing local not only increases the value of the community, it helps the planet.
    • Companies that take money from local customers and then source from outside of the community (and often times outside the country) – that’s taking money out of circulation in our communities without replenishing it.
  2. We pledge to work towards the goal of cutting fossil fuel, energy, water consumption, and transportation emissions by 50% by 2030 alongside Tucson’s 2030 District.
  3. We encourage our network members to take a pledge of localism and sustainability when joining our local box products as a partner or vendor:
    • The Humanity Hub Pledge: I will actively try to utilize local and sustainable practices in my operations so that I can create win-win-wins for myself, the community, and the planet.
  4. Waste Diversion and Upcycle Programs
    • We sort plant matter to compost, recyclable items to go to the MRF, and plastic bags to go back to the grocery store to keep them out of the overcrowded landfill or clogging up the recycling equipment.
    • We also work to divert additional waste and reduce purchasing new items by utilizing “waste” to create renewed functional items, we call this upcycling. Many of our office organizers are made from upcycled materials, this saves us the expense in office supplies and saves room in the community landfills that are filling up way to fast!
  5. Green Web Hosting with Dreamhost
    • Worldwide, it is estimated that data centers consume about 3 percent of the global electric supply and account for about 2 percent of total GHG (Green House Gas) emissions. That’s about the same as the entire airline industry.
      • DreamHost Offices are:
        • LEED Platinum and EnergyStar-certified facilities
        • Advanced lighting control systems with occupancy sensors
        • LED and low-mercury, high-efficiency CFL lighting throughout
        • Balanced, highly-optimized HVAC plants
      • DreamHost Data Centers are:
        • High-efficiency cooling infrastructure
        • Power-efficient processors used whenever possible
        • Partners in state-level “clean wind” programs
        • Powered by grids that obtain electricity from many renewable sources
  6. Employee programs for sustainability and resilience!
    • 4 day work week for a better work life balance (Full time is 32 hours a week)
    • Wellness Stipend monthly cash allowance for employee to spend on anything that helps contribute to their overall wellness.
    • Work from home opportunities to cut carbon emissions and travel time.
    • Internal Green Team – working toward sustainability, pushing forward green initiatives throughout the company and in the community
    • Provide support and resources to employees so they can be green and sustainable at home too! Such as diverting waste at home, reducing fossil fuel, energy, and water consumption at home, alternative travel like public transit, biking, or walking for errands to reduce carbon emissions, and so much more as we continue to learn and grow, always striving for sustainability!
    • Employees have opportunities for volunteer hours and time to invest in ongoing education and getting involved in local organizations as well as civic engagement with local, state, and federal government.
  7. Community Partnerships & Green Development
    • Partnerships with community organizations, community gardens, and non-profits. Like our partner Iskashitaa who gleans local produce from backyards like citrus, pomegranates, dates, and more to feed the community and reduce food waste.
    • Development of green initiatives, projects, and even innovative products and/or services in alignment with our mission of creating for-profit solutions that create win-win-win’s for individuals, the community, and the planet
  8. Green Leader – Southern Arizona Green Business Alliance Certification Program
    • Silver Level Certification
  9. SCALE-UP – Another sustainability program to reduce climate impact
    • This program has given us the framework to create an initiative for our hub partners to reduce their fossil fuel, energy, and water consumption, as well as transportation emissions with our guidance and the toolkit we have acquired along the way.
  10. Replenish!!!
    1. Give back and nurture the entrepreneurs, farmers, makers, and chefs of today and of the future for a healthy and sustainable local entrepreneurial ecosystem to fuel a regenerative and resilient local economy! We do this through our Humanity Hub Network by providing resources and support to our partners and vendors. We are excited to provide meaningful connections, mentorship, education, and encouragement!

Follow our Green Team Blog as their journey to be green and sustainable with initiative within the company and in the company. This is a great way to learn how you can apply some green solutions at your home or office.